Undergraduate Programme
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Undergraduate Degree Programme

(a) Undergraduates degree programme, mainly teaches general and systematic pathology to 300 and 400 Level MBBS students which is distributed as follows:

    1. Introductory Laboratory Medicine posting of 8 weeks duration and 7 hours of lecture/week. This period corresponds with the second semester of 300 level.
    2. Introductory Medicine and Surgery/Phase I Medicine and Surgery: This phase has a total of 24 weeks. An hour of lecture/week is given in general and tropical pathology to integrate the basic clinical and clinical sciences.
    3. Block Laboratory Medicine posting: This has a total duration of 16 weeks and contact time of 7hours/week is devoted to systematic pathology, practicals, tutorials and seminars. The practical sessions are made up of slides and pathology (museum) pots of common diseases and autopsy demonstrations. Attendance at lectures/practicals/seminars is compulsory and students must have a minimum of 75% attendance at all academic activities.

(b) Other undergraduate degree programmes:

  1. PATH 301: General Pathology for 300 level Pharmacy students. This is a 2-course credit course.
  2. PATH 312: General Pathology and Cytology for 300 level Nursing students. This is a 2-course credit course.